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Product Sourcing, Private Label, Supply Chain Management & Quality Control in China & SE Asia.

COVID-19 Notice: Whilst the rest of the world locks itself down into isolation and quarantine, the situation in China is much better and from a manufacturing side almost back to normal.

As many western companies are forced to put projects on hold due to workplace shutdowns and travel bans, C2W is able operate normally in China and push your projects forward so that when the world eventually returns to normal, your projects are ready to execute.

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Why choose C2W?



Since 2005, C2W has amassed a vast database of information and knowledge, and an extensive network of reliable suppliers in 1000’s of processes and product categories.



C2W was founded by a former Royal Marines officer with the core values of transparency and integrity. Since 2005 these values have remained integral to our success.



C2W is located where the action is happening rather than 1000’s of miles away in expensive offices. This is not only more practical but saves money which is passed on to you, our valued customers.

Let C2W help you with your Supply Chain, Sourcing & QC

With a temporary ban for all foreign travelers to China, it is now impossible for foreigners to make those critical visits to suppliers.

C2W is up and running at full speed with our western Directors already in China and coupled with our experienced team of over 50 staff, C2W is ready to help you minimize disruptions to your Supply Chain.

Quality Protective Medical Equipment Available

Genuine, FDA & CE Approved

In response to significant demand as a result of COVID-19, China 2 West is providing fully certified (FDA) made in China products such as facemasks, respirators, face shields, IR Thermometers, protective clothing, gloves and goggles.

The C2W Logistics Department is here to ensure your supply gets to where it needs to be with zero unnecessary delays. Our Planning & Ops coordinators are highly experienced and knowledgeable in customs regulations in China and all major overseas markets including the USA and the EU, especially in those related to PPE such as face masks.

The close relationships we have with customs agents and brokers built over 15 years of supply chain management in China means we always stay on top of the ever-changing customs rules. Nothing catches us by surprise.

We can charter entire cargo planes, converted passenger planes and organize regular air freight and sea freight.

Take the hassle, stress and risk out of this vital part of your supply chain by engaging with C2W today.

Our Services


Risk-free sourcing and purchasing in China

Sourcing from the Far East can be very risky. Finding a reliable supplier is the first problem without research it is impossible to know if you are dealing with a state of the art factory or a back street sweatshop.

Our experienced sourcing team will select and assess the most suitable supplier to meet your needs.

When you use C2W, you will have your own experienced team in China, who will ensure every base is covered and that you have a consistent quality and reliable supply chain that you can trust.


Supply Chain Management

We have extensive experience in plastics, metals, composites, electronics, paper products, and textiles.

We assess each project and select the most suitable facility based on quantities and target prices.

From being based in China’s manufacturing hub since 2005 and having extensive time in and operatives around the country we have been able to build a robust list of ‘trusted facilities’ that have been audited both socially and with quality in mind by our engineers.

These facilities have had their processes improved by us and have experience in working with us. Through these facilities, we have no doubt that we can assist you in having your manufacturing moved to China.

Quite simply, you speak to us in your language and we speak to the factory in Chinese!


Product Assembly

C2W has completed 100’s of projects requiring final assembly either at one of the key suppliers or at a 3rd party facility.

Assembling the final product at a 3rd party facility has many advantages including the management of quality control through stringent incoming component inspections and also in the protection of our customers IPR.

The protection of IPR can be critical in the early stages of confidential projects and remains important throughout the life cycle of any product.

By ensuring that no supplier in the supply chain controls the purchasing of components and only one supplier (the assembly facility) sees the final product, C2W is able to minimize the risk of information leak and copying.

We have long term trusted relationships with assembly facilities in various fields of manufacturing including integrated electronics, solar technology equipment, hardware, and metal assembly, plastics and POP displays.


Quality Control Services in China

C2W offers a range of inspection services to meet the needs of companies having goods manufactured in China.

We understand the importance of ensuring goods are checked throughout the manufacturing process.

At C2W we only work with reputable factories that have passed our verification process. We assess factories on a wide range of factors including: equipment and systems, management, and operating procedures.

We can call on a broad spectrum of industries to meet the needs of most projects, but if you have found your own supplier, we can provide local ‘eyes and ears’ to oversee any stage of your production.

Our inspection teams have experience in just about every manufacturing sector and can conduct detailed inspections to your specification.


Warehousing & Distribution in China & the US

Whether you are looking for short or long-term storage solutions C2W provides a safe, secure, clean and highly controlled environment for your products.

Our Warehouse & Distribution center is conveniently located in Southern California. Our storage is split between shelved picking areas and pallet storage. Every location in coded, so we know where your stock is at all times. Our storage areas are dry, well maintained and monitored 24/7 by security cameras.

Whether you are starting your first Crowdfunding campaign or are an experienced Multi-National business (or something in between). C2W provides reliable fulfillment services to get your products to Amazon FBA centers and your customers on time and at a competitive rate.

C2W offers safe and secure prepping, pick and pack services and a one-scan dispatch operation that produces the correct transit documentation for your parcels with just one barcode scan.

Trust C2W to find solutions

We are open for business and fully operational and ready for action if you need us.

Please stay safe and we wish you and your families the very best of health during this time.


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Looking to seek out alternative low cost supply chain solutions in Asia (China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand etc)?

With our HQ in China and regional offices in Bangkok (Thailand) and Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam), we offer competitive and quality manufacturing services including factory audits, sourcing and assistance in building a reliable supply chain.

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